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It is critical to replace the vitamins and minerals that are depleted by corals and fish.

It is also very important to "feed" both our fish, and our corals, in order to keep them healthy and promote growth and colour.

Testing our water quality is also critical, as it allows us to identify potential problems before they endanger our livestock.

We are the Authorised Distributor for Seachem, and stock their complete range of Products.

Seachem was formed in 1980, and is one of the most widely known manufacturers in the Aquarium Industry worldwide. It's commitment to Quality is second to none, and it's large facility has an extensive Research and Development dept. All products are manufactured to strict GMP guidelines set out by the FDA. This is reflected in solid and reliable products that are proven in the fields of Science and Performance. This ensures that you, the customer, get the highest quality products available in the Market.